Mobile Dentistry

Home Bound Dental Care in Baltimore, MD

Now, for your convenience, there's total dental care for those who are confined to hospitals, hospices, or homes. Just call 410-347-2995 and the St. Francis Mobile Dental Service will bring the dental office directly to your bedside, with a full range of affordable services including:

  • Cleanings
  • Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Dentures
  • Denture cleaning
  • Gum treatment
  • Extractions
  • Cancer screening
  • X-rays
  • Root canals
  • Relief from pain
  • Oral surgery
  • Preliminary exams
  • Cosmetic bonding
  • Orthodontics
  • Preventive care

Who Qualifies?

If you are homebound or confined to a private home, hospital, hospice or nursing home in Baltimore City or within 20 miles of the city limits, chances are that you qualify for our care. All ages and incomes are eligible, as long as you are a person who cannot be moved without suffering extreme discomfort or medical danger, or without requiring an ambulance.

How Much Does It Cost?

Care from the Mobile Dental Service costs about the same as the fees at a private dental office. MasterCard and Visa are accepted, and arrangements may be made over the phone. Call 410- 347-2995 for details.

What Do We Do?

Our van comes straight to you, and our dentists bring lightweight portable equipment right into your room. There, plugging into an ordinary electrical outlet, we provide all the services usually found in private dental offices -- cleanings, x-rays, fillings, crowns, dentures, bridges, surgery, and more. We are trained and experienced in treating the special dental problems of the handicapped and the elderly. Our program stresses preventative care so that dental needs are met before they become dental problems.

Are you home bound and need a dentist to come to you?
Call Dr. John K. Taylor III DDS about his Home Bound Dental Care services in the Baltimore, MD area at (410) 347-2995 today!

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