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The Importance Of Preventive Care

Keeping your smile healthy starts with good preventive care. Brushing and flossing your teeth daily and visiting your Baltimore, MD, dentist, Dr. John Taylor of St. Francis Dental will help you avoid oral health issues.

The elements of preventative care

Reducing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease starts with:

  • Brushing Twice Daily: Plaque, a bacterial film that causes cavities, builds up on your teeth constantly. Brushing your teeth in the morning and evening removes plaque, making it less likely that you'll develop cavities.
  • Spending More Time Brushing: Most people don't brush nearly long enough. If you only spend 30 seconds brushing your teeth, you're bound to leave some plaque behind. If not removed, plaque soon turns into tartar, a hard deposit that can irritate the gums and cause gum disease. Brushing for at least two minutes every time you brush can help you ensure that you've removed as much plaque as possible.
  • Make Time for Flossing: Flossing isn't a daily habit for many people. Unfortunately, plaque between teeth can't be removed with a toothbrush. Whether you use string floss, flossing tape, an interdental brush, or a water-powered flosser, daily flossing is essential for good oral health.
  • Using the Best Tools: Toothbrushes with soft brushes remove plaque yet don't damage your tooth enamel or irritate your gums. Both manual and electric toothbrushes can help you keep your teeth healthy, as long as you use them twice a day.
  • Paying Attention to Ingredients: Make sure your toothpaste contains fluoride, a mineral that rebuilds weak tooth enamel, reducing your cavity risk. Using a mouthwash that contains fluoride and kills bacteria offers added protection. Alcohol-free mouthwash won't sting your sensitive tissues or make your mouth feel dry.
  • Visiting the Dentist Every Six Months: Twice-yearly visits to the Baltimore dental office are particularly important. During your visit, your dentist can spot oral health issues while they're still minor and easier to treat. You'll also receive an oral cancer screening and a cleaning to remove plaque and tartar.

Do you need to schedule a dental appointment? Call your dentist in Baltimore, MD, Dr. Taylor of St. Francis Dental, at (410) 347-2995 to schedule your appointment.

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