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Special Needs of Dental Care

Inclusion is especially vital in this day and age and this holds true for dental care. After all, individuals with learning or mental disabilities may become overwhelmed or extremely anxious just thinking about visiting the dentist. Additionally, individuals with severe medical conditions might require additional care or precautions. Here at St. Francis Dental in Baltimore, MD, you can be certain that our team, headed by dentist Dr. John K. Taylor III, will take into account all of these special needs and accommodations.

An Open and Collaborative Relationship is Key

To help ensure the best possible outcomes, you will have to inform your dentist of your complete medical history, any recent operations, allergies, and all medications and supplements that you’re currently taking. You should also be very honest about any anxieties or concerns you have so that your dentist will be able to help you feel more at ease during your appointment.

Some individuals may likewise have special support such as a service animal or the assistance of a translator, interpreter, or alternative communication device. Further, some individuals may prefer going out at specific times during the day or rely significantly on routines. Our Baltimore practice is prepared for these kinds of situations.

A Vital Note on Sedation

Sedation is a simple and practical option that doctors recommend when treating nervous or anxious individuals. This involves the administration of oral or IV drugs to help calm and relax patients while still being able to communicate. RA or relative analgesia could likewise help individuals get through dental procedures faster and more easily. This is done through breathing in oxygen and nitrous oxide via a nosepiece. It’s the simplest and safest sedation method that’s suitable for individuals of all ages.

However, it’s immensely crucial to point out that while all these can work to ease a patient’s anxiety, certain factors could affect an individual’s eligibility for sedation, including age, weight, and health history. With this in mind, it will be up to your dentist to determine whether sedation will be used or not.

For Special Needs Dental Care, We Can Help

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