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Home-Bound Dental Care

Practicing good oral health includes daily brushing and flossing, but the key to it all is visiting your dentist's office for your bi-yearly checkups and cleanings. But what happens when a medical condition keeps you bound to your home? That's where practices like that of Dr. John Taylor of Baltimore, MD, come in. They are among the few that can bring the dentist's office right to your door.

The Importance of Preventative Care

Even if you are taking impeccable care of your teeth, you will find it difficult to match a professional dental cleaning.

Professionally clean teeth are not a luxury, it's your surest way to beat back tooth decay and gum disease.

Cleaning is part of preventative care, which encompasses catching cavities and treating them before they become a bigger problem. It's also about detecting signs of gum disease and oral cancer while it's still in its early stage.

Don't wait until something is wrong to seek home-bound dental care.

The Dentist's Office Right at Your Door

Preventative care is but an aspect of what your dentist can provide you at your home or hospice.

You can expect them to provide just about every kind of treatment available at your average dental office.

After you've made the arrangements, your dentists arrive in a van and carry with them portable versions of the necessary equipment. It all plugs into a regular electrical outlet right in your room.

What is more important, these dentists have the training and experience to treat the problems of those who are home-bound. Dealing often and first hand with the requirements and needs of special dental problems.

The cost of home-bound treatments is about what you would expect to pay in a regular dentist's office. Make sure to call for specific prices and to make arrangements.

Home-Bound Dental Care in Baltimore, MD
Don't let your living condition keep you from proper dental care. Make an appointment today with Dr. Taylor of Baltimore, MD, by dialing (410) 246-2791. Find out if you qualify for home-bound dental care.

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