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Do You Need Root Canal Therapy?

Could your tooth pain be telling you that you need a root canal from St. Francis Dental's Baltimore office? Read on to learn if this treatment Root Canalfrom St. Francis's Dr. John Taylor is right for you!


What are root canals?

Root canals are recommended if you have an infection or inflammation inside of your dental pulp. During a root canal, your Baltimore dentist first numbs your mouth with a local anesthetic before removing the diseased pulp and thoroughly cleaning the tooth and its canals. Then a temporary filling is placed in order to permit drainage and prevent any recurrent damage until your next appointment takes place.

When you arrive for your second appointment, your dentist will examine the tooth to make sure it's healthy before adding a permanent filling and perhaps a dental crown.


What signs and symptoms occur if I need a root canal?

Pain is one of the most common symptoms and can range from a mild, intermittent ache to a severe pain that keeps you up at night. If your tooth is inflamed or infected, you may notice that your pain increases when you chew. Pain can also flare up after you consume hot, cold, or sugary foods/beverages.

If your pain is severe, you may have a dental abscess. An abscess can make you feel sick and cause your lymph nodes to swell. Other symptoms include pus or a bump on your gum, fever and swelling around your jaw. Call your dentist immediately if you notice any of these symptoms. If you don't receive antibiotics and root canal therapy, the infection may spread to your brain or heart!


Concerned? Give us a call!

Do any of these root canal signs and symptoms sound familiar? If so, call your Baltimore, MD, dentist, Dr. John Taylor of St. Francis Dental, at (410) 347-2995 to schedule an appointment.

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